About Incubation Center at SAIT

About Incubation

SAIT Incubation Centre (SAIT-IC), a part of DIC project, sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India has been established to promote a culture of innovation and creative problem solving, knowledge sharing, interdisciplinary design-focused education, research and entrepreneurial activities.


SAIT-IC seeks to nurture technology and knowledge based ventures through their start-up phase by providing the necessary support to help entrepreneurs survive in the competitive market and reach a stage where they can scale-up their venture.

It aims to build and share resources including space and infrastructure, access to business support services, mentoring, training programmes to enhance the skills of entrepreneurs and seed funds. SAIT-IC is poised to straddle the academic community at SAIT on one hand and social and industrial bodies on the other hand.


Our Objectives


  • To promote a culture of innovation and creative problem solving.
  • To promote knowledge sharing and collaboration among industry, academia, Government Institutions, research laboratories etc.
  • To serve as a location for the industrial collaborators to encourage their new Product Development in the campus using in house facilities.
  • To serve as a place that imparts design based education and practice systematic design through projects.
  • To enhance interdisciplinary design-focused innovation and creativity.The centers are expected to play a crucial role in promoting industry sponsored and community driven projects.
  • These centers can focus on product design, industrial design, process design or system design with the outcomes aligned to the needs of the society.


Governing committee


Sl. No




Dr. Fr. Davis George

Director SAIT


Fr. Ben Anton Rose

Administrator, SAIT


Dr. Smita Shrivastava

Principal, SAIT


Mr. U N Bera

DIC Project Fellow, MHRD


Mr. Prem Khushwaha

Technical Assistant